We level the discovery playing field
  1. Data Hosting
    Utilizing the best tools and innovative workflow processes allows us to provide ultimate service with deep cost savings.
  2. Technology Assisted Review
    We use cutting edge technology and the most experienced people in the field to leverage the power of computing to assist in the review of any sized collection in a cost effective, efficient manner while retaining all knowledge.
  3. Discovery Expertise
    Our team has worked on the largest litigations for both sides of the bar. We know how to get what you need to litigate your case quickly while arming you to avoid and conquer gamesmanship.
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What We Do
If it happens in discovery, we have already done it, and done it well
In both Federal and State jurisdictions, we have faced tough challenges from every type of opponent.  We know how to navigate and capitalize on discovery because we have been there and done that.  Working for large defense firms, large plaintiffs firms and everywhere in between, we have seen it all and know the methods and the tools to use to save you time and money and enable you to litigate your case efficiently and to help maximize results.
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Our Leadership Team
  1. Paul H. McVoy
    Paul has been in the discovery sector since paper still ruled the day. He believes wholeheartedly that by using the best technology, coupled with the right advice, any party no matter what size, can match up evenly against any other.
  2. A. Joe Flowers, Jr.
    Joe has spent his entire career designing and building computer systems for law firms. Specializing in discovery review tools and maximizing big data storage repositories, Joe is the right person to maximize your data efficiencies.
  3. Ariana J. Tadler
    Ariana is widely regarded as a leader in the eDiscovery space, from her work moving the law forward to her work educating the bench and bar. Ariana brings the weight of real world experience to bear on behalf of our clients to get the best results possible every time.
  4. Yevgueniy S. Naumov
    Yevgueniy "Eugene" Naumov leads Meta-e's Project Management team. With 10 years of overseeing the largest cases, Eugene 's passion is to help people get the most out of technology, solving their problems and saving the day!
Discovery has become so expensive because there is just so much data and opposing sides often don't know how to vigourously defend their clients while also working cooperatively with the other side.  We know how to hone in on what you need and work collaboratively, and we will use that knowledge to your advantage both in the case, and in saving you money.