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We level the discovery playing field

Meta-e Discovery offers innovative scalable and cost-effective discovery management solutions for any size law firm, leveling the playing field with opposing counsel.

With decades of experience facing challenges from every type of opponent, in Federal and State courts alike, we've developed exclusive, court-tested methods and tools, enabling you to litigate your case effectively and efficiently.

What we do

If it happens in discovery, we have already done it, and done it well.

Discovery has become so expensive because there is so much data and opposing sides often don't know how to vigorously defend their clients yet work cooperatively. We help you hone in on what you need to be competitive yet collaborative, using our knowledge to your advantage.

Discovery Expertise

Our team has worked on the largest litigations for both sides of the bar. We excel in developing discovery strategies and executions to litigate your case quickly, arming you to avoid and conquer gamesmanship.

Technology Assisted Review

We use cutting-edge technology and the most experienced people in the field to harness the power of computing in the review of any sized collection in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

Data Hosting

Hosting means more than loading your data into a database. We have developed a fully redundant, unique approach to hosting data in a high-availability environment that will be available whenever you need to access from anywhere in the world.


From assessing preservation to preparing for the initial meet and confer; to drafting and consulting on the ESI protocol; to strategizing about how best to receive, manage and analyze data; we help you get ahead of a matter early, anticipate problems, and suggest realistic solutions.

Our Team

Paul has been in the discovery sector since paper still ruled the day. He believes whole-heartedly that by using the best technology, coupled with the right advice, any party no matter what size, can match up evenly against any other.

Paul H. McVoy

Joe has spent his entire career designing and building computer systems for law firms. Specializing in discovery review tools and maximizing big data storage repositories, Joe is the right person to maximize your data efficiencies.

Joe Flowers