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End to End Discovery Life-Cycle Management

Early Project Consulting

Starting your case off right is critical. Our experience ranges from starting small cases with single custodians to large-scale cases with hundreds of custodians residing in offices across the globe. Our proven process allows us to put you on the right path, saving you time and money.

Advising on Meet and Confers

An essential step in managing your case is coming to an early agreement with the opposing party on a variety of discovery related topics. Through our years of experience, we have developed an effective strategy for smoothing the conversation no matter how adversarial the relationship is with the opposing side. We have successfully developed checklists and technical specs to help manage these sometimes difficult conversations. With the advent of new rules demanding heightened focus on proportionality, the ability to go toe-to-toe with your adversary will be a key to your success. We have the technical skills to get you there.

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The manner of collection of your client's documents is an important early decision. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you in making the right choices that are both defensible later in the case and financially sensible. We have developed relationships that allow us to confidently collect your documents right the first time.

Processing and Review

This is where the costs can get wildly out of control. We know how to keep these costs as low as possible, without the loss of valuable insight into your documents. We use a combination of broad keywords for early culling to advanced analytics to assist you in getting the greatest value out of your document review.

Review of Received Products

The discovery review industry has been built on, and centers around, reviewing documents in preparation for production. The existing paradigm does not take into consideration documents received from the opposing side. We have spent years building a workflow that specializes in the receipt and review of massive document populations as efficiently and expediently as possible to enable you to identify deficiencies in production and launch into the merits of the case, including depositions.

After Review

Most existing service providers treat the collection, review, and production as the end goal. Once they accomplish those tasks, the discovery process is treated as complete. We have a different point of view. Leveraging the work product of the review is the goal, using the pivotal documents uncovered in the review to your best advantage. We will guide you, through consulting, advanced categorization, and complex search strategies to help you get the documents you need to to make the most of your hard work in the early stages.

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